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Current Projects
Snakebite is a neglected disease and a serious problem for many people in Asia. The ATIS Global Snakebite Appeal aims to develop a novel treatment for snakebite, which affects milions of people each year. Please click here to find out more about our project.
Our Thirst project aims to produce beverages which can replace the use of commonly consumed beverages with healthier products.
Latest News

December 3rd 2018: Douglas, the managing director of ATIS Research Ltd., will be hosting a meetup in Hua Hin and Bangkok next month on the 12th and 13th of January. Come along to discuss business, enjoy vegan food or just meet new people. Follow this link to learn more about the events and to sign up:

January 31st 2018: Please take a look at the new promotional video for our Thirst project dairy replacement on our website:
or on YouTube:

January 1st 2018: Happy new year! All our projects are still underway and we should be ready for investment soon.

November 25th, 2017: We are in the process of starting a factory to produce our Thirst project beverages. Our milk substitute and alcohol alternative will be in production soon! 

February 2017: The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus student magazine, Ignite, has published an article on our project. Please click here to read it. 
January 2017: We are now incorporated as ATIS Research Ltd! 
December 2016: We are getting ready to incorporate in January-February 2017. 
July 2016: The website has been updated, please read our article about the problem of snakebite. 
May 2016: We are now on Twitter! Please like and/or follow us! 
April 2016: The Asian Society of Pharmacognosy has published an article on this project